Work with Rescue 1

You can work with Rescue 1 in a number of ways:

Book a Customized Workshop:

Give your team the skills they need to stay healthy and stay working. Reduce employee turnover and prevent work-related PTSD. Training can be offered in half day or full day formats. Learn more about the program and what to expect here.

Work with Michael One on One:

If you are a First Responder and believe you might be suffering from PTSD or work-related stress give us a call. Share your story, learn more about PTSD and get connected to resources with a complimentary conversation. Contact Michael. 

Book your next Keynote:

Rescue 1 is available to speak at your next conference, support group meeting or staff gathering. The presentation can be customized to First Responders of all professions or to spouses and families of First Responders. 

Partner with us:

Rescue 1 has partnered with Yukon College and Okanagan College to offer the Survival Skills for First Responders program to the public. We work with community colleges and training centres to provide this unique program to communities across Canada the United States. Call us today to learn more about partnerships. 

Rescue 1 also provides advisory services to First Responder teams and can assist with establishment of peer counselling and crisis intervention programs as well as emergency planning and disaster response training and plan development.