Praise for the Program

“Although training, skill and natural resiliency help inoculate first responders from the consequences of frequent traumatic circumstances, it is clear the availability of support that combines mental health specialists who understand the first responders’ culture with trained peers can be of significant benefit in helping first responders remain healthy and on the job. This training is a must have for First Responders.”
— Jim Regimbal – Dawson City Fire Chief & President of the Association of Yukon Fire Chiefs
It is very important to understand that exposure to traumatic events will affect us in our career. This program provides a safe environment to share experiences with other First Reponders
— Gaylene Shoemaker, Police Dispatcher
I would suggest that any First Responder should take this course and realize that you are not alone, even if you feel you are. There is help. Do not feel ashamed or have the feeling that you are weak. You are strong and there are people who care.
— Morley MacKay, Platoon Chief Whitehorse Fire Department
• First Responders have always trained to take care of ourselves before we can help others but are we fully doing that? We have all the emergency equipment issued to us to do our jobs but how are we taking care of our mental health?
Survival Skills for the First Responder training gives us the tools to recognize and cope with mental trauma of all types. Michael instructs in a way that is real and impactful and allows his students to learn in a relaxing and comfortable setting. Michael’s passion for this topic is infectious and leaves the student wanting to learn more. His personal history and life experiences positively contribute to his professional and enthusiastic class instruction.
Our fire department uses what Michael has taught us on a regular basis and as a result, there is no doubt in my mind that we are a healthier department because of it.
— Roger Hollander, Fire Chief 100 Mile House, British Columbia

"As a 15 year paramedic, I truly believe this course has the potential to help those in the industry go home whole at the end of every shift. More than that, it starts a conversation and ensures that individuals know they are not alone. I only wish this was around earlier in my career”.                                                                                                                  

Devin Bailey, Critical Care Flight Paramedic, Yukon Canada EMS

attended Michael's class in 2018.  As a 30 year law enforcement officer, I needed it.   To help maintain a healthy work-life balance, this is the type of class all public safety employees should go through on regular basis.   The material covered in this class could add years to a public safety employee’s career, keep families together, and even more, save lives.  Michael openly shares his experiences, which adds to his credibility and provides hope for those of us who have suffered through our own traumatic experiences and injuries.  His journey is our journey.  He isn't an academic who simply presents the latest information.  He has lived through his own post traumatic injuries, which helps him relate to his audience.  His teaching style is engaging, genuine and entertaining.   Suffering from our experiences does not have to be a barrier to the people and activities we love.   Invest in yourself and let Michael help lead you toward a path of peace.

Lt. Michael Lazzarini, Santa Rosa, California, Police Department

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